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Robin's Round Up

Welcome back to Robin's Round Up - our newsletter, in which we'll be keeping you updated with all things Robin Hood & the Merry Men/Women!

The Numbers

Last 7 Days

The average return of the system for the past week was a huge 17% profit!

Top Performer

The top-performing member was a Merry Man who made a $2.7k profit over the past week following the system 

The Message

Last Saturday was a massive day on the track with 9 out of 17 favourites (below $4.30) winning and of the remaining 6 races, 8 of the favourites placed 🔥


Wednesday Betting: a quick note on how profitable betting on Wednesday can be. Even with fewer Promotion races than a Saturday, this week the strategy would have made approximately $500-700 with just a Sportsbet and TAB account. Make sure Wednesday betting is part of your routine, if it isn't already! 

 *Chart of Cumulative Average Return since September, 2020

The Strategy

We would like to draw your attention to the demonstration video below. This will take you through last week's betting strategy. You can use this as a guide for this week, keeping in mind the tracks will be different. It will also include bonus bet conversion and Sportsbet, TAB, Topsport & Pointsbet promo guides. It's a great resource for any new Merry-Men or Women or for anyone who just needs a refresher on how to place their bets.

The following table is a quick summary table for this upcoming Saturday. It does not include all bookies, but should give guidance for many of them and provide a reference for those not listed. 

Note: Some bookmakers have promotions for racing tonight, similar to Saturdays. Be sure to get on these if applicable. For example, TAB are running a promo tonight at Mooney Valley on races 1-4 🏇



Also, TAB's Saturday Promotion goes from 2nd-3rd to 2nd-5th and on all races if you place the bets near or at a TAB venue. It's quite a valuable promotion upgrade, so if passing one while getting your morning coffee, this is an option to get a nice edge on your betting. If you have any questions on this, let us know.


***Random Bet: for this week only, we want you to put a random $50 bet with each bookmaker. This can be a multi, your favourite soccer team, really anything you want. We just want it to be something that is a bit different to the bets that are part of the normal strategy.

The Wrap Up

If any of the strategies we have mentioned above, (or throughout the training program) are unclear, or if you have any general questions please reach out via Messenger.



Please keep in mind, if you are one of our Sapphire members, please ensure to send your referrals the registration page link as well as your referral code. Please do not send them directly to the calendar link. 

As a reminder, the portal updates your balances automatically after you click 'Complete' on a distribution. There is no need to manually update your balances to reflect the post-adjustment amounts. 

It's also great to hear our Merry Men & Women are putting their winnings to good use! Keep sending in your best buys - we love to see it 😍

Check out our purchase of the week below!

A new flip phone!

Finally Robin Hood is all about improvement and growth, so we would really appreciate it if you could take a minute to fill out our survey. We want to hear your feedback!

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